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Full scale overstopping test lime treated clay

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Activity type

Strength test

Involved Workpackage

Flood defences
Emergency response
Knowledge infrastructure


1) to test the erosion resistance of lime treated clay; 2) increase allowable overtopping discharge despite presence of transitions or non-water retaining objects, by increased erosion resistance of transitions

Activity Brief descriptor

Field scale experiment to test the erosion resistance of lime treated clay

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Animal- & vegetation-induced anomalies
Erosion processes
Temporary levee repairs
Levee survey & monitoring technique
Prolonged collaboration

Activity Time

Start Date:

Feb. 14, 2022, midnight

End Date:

March 4, 2022, midnight

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Construction of the test site in Oct. 2021


Levee stretch:


Coordinates/ Latitude (WGS):


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Coordinates/ Altitude (mTAW):



landside slope of the levee, along section XI

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Data type: report
Description: factual report tests
Date availability: March 6, 2023
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Detaled information about the activity


Landside slope of the levee in standard natural condition

Activity Descriptor

5 tests, with overtopping discharges of 10, 30, 50 and 190 l/m/s (at H0 = 1 m) and 50 l/m/s at H0 = 2 m, duration of 2 hour each wave condition


Equipment: 1

Wave overtopping simulator

Monitoring & Sensors

GoPro camera for erosion measurement

this activity does not have sensors


During Activity

Post-activity conditions

Eroded slopes at the sections

Immediate Results

Results /Conclusion

Lime treated clay is highly erosion resistant IF constructed and compacted well

Infrastructure Knowledge

Erosion rersistance of lime treated clay, application for construction of levees
By the experiment, as hardly any erosion was experienced
Literature study and laboratory tests
21i863_ 220523_01_Factual Report Praktijkproeven Kalk in Klei_DEFINITIEF.pdf https://stowanl-my.sharepoint.com/:b:/g/personal/llhpp_stowa_nl/ESLImeigcH9CiWXJBy3q4OgByhg-018Un7JTr-KGi6aOWA?e=G9uv1g 11206930-002-GEO-0005_v2.0-Handbook on the use of lime treated clay in dike reconstruction - voor publicatie.pdf https://stowanl-my.sharepoint.com/:b:/g/personal/llhpp_stowa_nl/EQOLUJ9f4wxOhGfeOP6KGKMBdnosRK-f9nGnMCBrTRYCdA?e=Y98Cbb 11206930-004-GEO-0001_v2.0-Overtopping Tests on Lime Treated Clay in the Hedwigepolder - voor publicatie.pdf https://stowanl-my.sharepoint.com/:b:/g/personal/llhpp_stowa_nl/ET4H8CSRoyRHvE_LwNe7xeMB9te6szppR9q84cKXDn4IoA?e=NqBYvD

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