Everything about N-OT02 Overtopping Test (Wet spot) id;activity_name;activity_type;activity_descriptor;breaching;animal;erosion;temporary;levee_survey;prolonged;start_date;end_date;date_length_day;date_length_hour;date_other;levee_stretch;location_x;location_y;location_z;location_descriptor;location_other;objectif_important;objectif_knowledge;pre_condition;act_des;monitoring_process;monitoring_reasoning;limits;during_activity;post_activity;activity_result;results_conc;knowledge_desc;ref_links;wrk_1;wrk_2;wrk_3;key_info 170;N-OT02 Overtopping Test (Wet spot);Strength test;Overtopping test to assess the resistance against overtopping events of a soft, moist soil patch on the lower slope of the levee slope.;False;True;True;False;False;False;;;5;;4 consecutive wave sets + 1h of the 5th;VI;;;12.0;Landward slope of levee.;;The N-OT02 overtopping test is executed at a levee section characterized by the presence of a wet spot.;It is unknown whether the presence of a patch of soft and moist soil on the levee slope will lead to fast failure during overtopping events.;This test was conducted on a ‘test section with a uniform vegetation cover’, exempt at the lower part of the slope where a wet (soggy) spot was present (with bare spots as well). In addition, some mole and mice holes were noticed. The slope is 1:2,5.;The following wave sets were consecutively applied: 0,5m60lsm, 0,5m60lsmov, 1m190lsm, 2m50lsm and 2m100lsm (partially).;;;;A wet spot along the slope showed considerable erosion (~25 cm) of the clay cover at the end of the third set of waves. During the first set local bare spots became visible and enlarged gradually. The second set led to removal of the vegetation over a larger area and yielded superficial erosion up to 15 cm. A maximum erosion depth up to 35 cm was noticed after applying the 4th set and 1 hour of the 5th.;A maximum erosion depth up to 35 cm was noticed after applying 4 sets of waves and 1 hour of the 5th.;Een wet spot (soft soil) along the slope shows faster occurrence of erosion.;;;;True;False;False; All DATA concerning N-OT02 Overtopping Test (Wet spot) No data added All EQUIPMENTS concerning N-OT02 Overtopping Test (Wet spot) No equipment added All SENSORS concerning N-OT02 Overtopping Test (Wet spot) No sensors added