Everything about 1st grout excavation on the Prosperpolder levee id;activity_name;activity_type;activity_descriptor;breaching;animal;erosion;temporary;levee_survey;prolonged;start_date;end_date;date_length_day;date_length_hour;date_other;levee_stretch;location_x;location_y;location_z;location_descriptor;location_other;objectif_important;objectif_knowledge;pre_condition;act_des;monitoring_process;monitoring_reasoning;limits;during_activity;post_activity;activity_result;results_conc;knowledge_desc;ref_links;wrk_1;wrk_2;wrk_3;key_info 59;1st grout excavation on the Prosperpolder levee;Survey;Concrete poured in a system of burrows made by small rodents was excavated manually to reveal the extent and geometry of the system on the levee body.;False;True;True;False;True;False;2021-10-08 10:00:00;2021-10-08 16:30:00;1;6.5;;IV;51.340717;4.239506;6.62;The coordinates were extracted from Google Earth (3d view in decimal degrees).;The grouting was applied in a barrow system close to the crest, and about 20m southeast from the starting point of the 1st animal barrows survey on the Prosperpolder levee.;To compare the geometry of the excavated grout with geometry traits of the burrow system as shown in GPR scans of the same location.;Evaluate the accuracy and quality of information that can be extracted from a GPR measurement with the real geometry of burrow systems as evidenced by the geometry of the excavated grout. Additionally, this activity helped showcase the extent of burrow systems of small rodents in the body of a levee.;;;;;;;;;;;;True;False;True; All DATA concerning 1st grout excavation on the Prosperpolder levee data_type;data_descripion;date_date;data_find;data_media;data_media_find Report with supporting information about data collection and preliminary analysis;;;https://stowanl-my.sharepoint.com/:b:/g/personal/llhpp_stowa_nl/EYvsZOvA6elNhvx9tqYiBCIBkJvSw9tBu5LCEZkjWuaFcw?e=gon6Ml;Pictures from execution of activity;https://stowanl-my.sharepoint.com/:f:/g/personal/llhpp_stowa_nl/EsmVaED_29JHt0HECnf8iHcBMbTO3xM3Li6VTH-Zjj1TAA?e=Ow4ESs All EQUIPMENTS concerning 1st grout excavation on the Prosperpolder levee No equipment added All SENSORS concerning 1st grout excavation on the Prosperpolder levee No sensors added